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New Programming. Fresh Start.

So you’re ready to get to training.

You’re ready to get moving, chase your goals, and feel better.

Where do you start?

Well, we’re here to help! One of the most difficult parts of training for most folks is figuring out what they should actually be doing. The answer comes down to two things: what are your goals or demands of your job/sport? What is your priority?

Starting Monday, April 26th, we will begin offering multiple online programs. Each program will cater and aim to serve different goals that we as coaches feel equipped to guide people towards!

Our programming will include...

  • Programming aimed towards healthcare and first responders to help take care of those that take care of us! This programming can also include from “Recliner to Recruit” for those looking to go into the military, police or fire academy, or become a first responder! If you’re a member of the front lines when it comes to keeping the public safe, healthy, and watched over, what are you waiting for? This one is a no brainer!

  • Strength programming geared towards improving strength with some CrossFit thrown in! Sometimes to get stronger, you need a little extra push and a little extra focus. Want that same change of direction without the complete escape from CrossFit MetCon’s? This track is calling your name!

  • Minimal equipment, maximal results! This program will take us back to a simpler time when athletes looked to train hard and weren’t worried about Instagram party tricks. Strong body, strong lungs, with the simplest tools around will be the goal! If you’re an athlete looking to take your performance up a notch with minimal access to equipment, this program is for you!

  • Finally, we’ll offer a program geared towards helping people develop bigger, stronger physiques. You ever heard of a Barn Door back? With this program, our goal will be to develop a Barn Door body! Big and strong is the goal we will be chasing with this one! Heavy compound lifts complimented by accessory work circuits heavy with volume? Watch those backs widen, biceps turn into road maps, and hamstrings crack sidewalks!

We’re working hard to bring the Strength & Conditioning and fitness communities more options for those that don’t have access to in-person coaching or anyone that’s already a part of our community here at Strode Station or TRES Strength that are looking to add a little heavier focus to their goals!

Be on the lookout! Programs drop TOMORROW!

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