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New Year – New You?

The large majority of New Year’s resolutions fail. But year after year, we keep making them. Why do they tend to be discarded within about 8 weeks? Because we are too ambitious. While we don’t want anyone striving for mediocrity, there is also much to be said for making small changes that add up to larger ones.

So, you want to lose 50 pounds. You make a resolution to do just that. The first month, you’re going to the gym 6 days a week, eating healthier, but then life happens. Your child gets the flu, you have a big deadline at work, and before you know it, you’ve only been making it twice a week; and you’re eating fast food more than you care to admit. Quickly, that resolution gets tossed to the side.

You want to make a big change? How about addressing some smaller root causes? Are you drinking 4 sodas a day? Maybe cut those out. Eating fast food 5 times a week? Cut it back to 2. Smaller changes like this can lead to long term lifestyle changes, not a weight-loss yo-yo. It’s also easier to keep up with when life throws you unexpected curveballs.

We want you to be be best version of yourself. We can help you do that. If you want to lose weight, or gain strength, we can help you make it happen. But help yourself first. Don’t set yourself up to be disappointed, make small changes to see the big picture around the corner.

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