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No pain, no gain. Right?

Gasping for air after a workout is okay. Pushing through some soreness is okay. But having chronic pain or working out 7 days straight can actually hurt you more than help you. At CFSS, we are strategic when we plan out our programming. You won’t be hitting a leg workout 3 days straight, or working your upper body to the point of failure multiple days a week. But that being said; everyone is different. Prior injuries, nagging issues, and other problems can hinder you in the long run if you try and constantly push through pain.

Always keep an open line of communication with your coaches. Don’t feel that since you typically RX a workout, that you have to RX EVERY workout. If you feel a pain in your knee, or back, scale back your deadlift, row instead of run, the options are endless. Don’t feel you’re going to set yourself back by taking it easy every once in a while. Your body will thank you.

Hydration and nutrition can pay just as big a role in recovery as actual rest as well. Eating highly inflammatory foods, excessive sugar and other things can keep your body from recovering and your muscles from feeling 100% as quickly as they should. Drinking water can feel like a chore at times as well, but try drinking a few glasses early in the morning to start your day. You’ll be better prepared for a workout later in the day than trying to chug 24+ ounces of water right before you start a WOD.

Your coaches aren’t just here to help you with your clean and jerk. If you ever need advice on food choices, recovery, and other issues, we are here for you.

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