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Not goodbye, just see you later….

Today is bittersweet. We say goodbye to a longtime member and close friend. Justen has been with us since our first open house in March of 2015. He was part of our first dozen members that signed up when we originally opened CFSS. He started as a client who worked with my wife, and leaves as a close friend who happens to be The Godfather to my twins.

He has seen our growth through it all, good and bad, Justen has been by our side. He’s sent us members, he’s been a sounding board, a physical therapist to our members, and a great ambassador of our services.

I am sad, the 4pm class will feel a little empty, but I am happy to see you pursuing an incredible adventure. We only get one shot at life and far too many never chase what they want and will always wander “what if?”. Glad to see you go for it even if it means we have to lose you.

Thank you for being a wonderful member and an ambassador of our program!!

Can’t wait to come visit you in Hawaii! 😉

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