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Nutrition Challenge

Counting Macros doesn’t have to be “hard” or “complicated.”

Macros counting will consist of tracking your carb, protein, and fat intake. Not just any carbs, proteins or fats. You need to look at heathy carbs, lean proteins and healthy fats.

Benefits of Macro Counting!

*Get a better understanding of portion control.

*Customizable to your goals and body type.

*A successful macro counting lifestyle will help with hunger, and sugar cravings.

*Balance your energy level

Counting macros isn’t just for weight lose, it can also be for gaining strength/muscle or maintaining.

When counting macros it is best to track you macros through an app on your phone and recording all the you eat throughout the day.

Meal Prepping is a sure fire way to make sure that you are staying on track with your macros.

Limit your eating out and if you must eat out preplan your meal so you don’t over eat or go over your macros.

Allow your plate to be colorful! Don’t limit yourself on trying different foods or combinations of food.

Try to get in 3 meals and 2 snacks or 5/6 smaller meals during the day. Everyone’s schedule is different so this will vary with each person.

Don’t over think it!!! Macros will seem complicated at first but relax and start slow.

Measure, weigh and track everything. Eating a bite here and there will add up later on.

Limit cheats! One cheat meal (not cheat day) once every week or two isn’t going to make or break your diet. Don’t over do it! You can’t out train a bad diet (or meal).

Reward yourself! (Not with food) Buy yourself something you’ve been wanting! Guys want things too not just the ladies!

Drink plenty of water! If you think you are hungry try drinking some water before reaching for a snack. You may just be dehydrated. Wait awhile and if you are still hungry snack of veggies/fruit till your next meal.

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