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Nutrition Challenge is Coming!

April 15th. Mark the date in your calendar. That’s when our new nutrition challenge will start. You will have until April 13th to sign up, pay your $20 entry fee, and have your photos and weight submitted. There will be a male and female winner at the end based on total weight and inches lost.

This challenge will be a combination of macro counting and paleo. For those of you that haven’t counted macros or done the paleo diet at any point, this blog will take a deep dive into what you’re looking at. If you stay compliant the entire 6 weeks, not only will you likely lose weight, but cutting the excess sugar and processed ingredients in general will leave you feeling so much better.

Once you join the challenge, the coaches will give you personalized macros based on your current body measurements and goals. For those that haven’t tracked macros before, this will be broken down into grams of carbs, fats, and protein. We will be using the free app “My Fitness Pal” to log our daily food intake during the challenge, which is very user friendly and will let you see your macro counts throughout the day.

As for the paleo aspect, the most basic way to describe it is cutting out all processed foods and added sugars. There are other caveats, but in general, if you keep that main point in mind, the rest comes relatively easy. We’re adding a few graphics on the other odds and ends that come with Paleo.

A few tips in general-

Meal prep is your friend. Having a plan and sticking with it will make this entire challenge a breeze. Waiting until the morning of a work day to try and throw something together may end up in fast food stops and bad choices.

Look at ingredients. Just because something says it’s organic does NOT mean there isn’t added sweeteners and other things.

Spices are your friend. Paleo does not equal flavorless. Have some fun, try combinations you haven’t before.

Keep it simple. Have a protein on your plate, some veggies, and complex carbs. Don’t overcomplicate it and feel like you’ve got to make a crazy recipe with 47 ingredients for every meal.

Create a Pinterest board with Paleo recipes, or make a bookmark tab on your browser and save everything you find online that looks good. Try something out of the box for you. You may end up with a new favorite recipe.

While this is a bit of a competition, we hope this will lay the ground work for you to make changes to your diet permanently. This can be life changing for your energy levels and overall well-being.

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