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Nutrition Challenge Starts this week.

 January has been a very busy month at CrossFit Strode Station.  This weekend we had our 3rd Annual Open House where 50+ came by to tour CFSS and workout.   Thank You to everyone for their support!


February 1st our 6 Week nutrition challenge kicks off.   Teams have been selected, coaches will contact participants by Monday 1/29.  We have worked out a deal with Iron Office Nutrition for anyone who interested in purchasing meals weekly. You can order meals on Thursday and they will be delivered on Monday’s.  We will also be keeping a small inventory of meals at the gym for those interested.   If you eat out a lot this is a great way to keep yourself on track during the challenge.  Planning is the best way to set yourself up for success.  

This challenge we are focusing on monitoring macronutrients (proteins, carbs and fats).  The goal is to educate about portions and what nutrients their food is made of.   We will use macro nutrient ratios  as a guideline to keep our portions and ratios in line with each participants specific goals.  

Since the first is in the middle of the week we will us the first few days to acclimate ourselves to measuring out are food portions and a get a feel for how much food they are able to have each day. Congrats to everyone who has committed to participating.  You have taken another step towards bettering your health!

Focus on consistency and breaking bad habits.  I have faith everyone will see great results if they listen to their coaches and FOLLOW the plan.

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