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“One is the loneliest number”

There’s a reason people who join the gym with a close friend or family member tend to be more consistent than those who join alone: accountability. Don’t have anyone to join the gym with you? That’s okay. The reason group fitness classes keep people coming back is because of the relationships formed.

So with that said, make a pact with another member. Have a new gym bestie who you love working out with? Push each other. Cheer for each other’s successes. Help pick each other up during failures. We know schedules won’t always allow you to work out at the same time together day in and day out, but even a quick text or DM to check in and see how the other did in class can keep you both on track. While you should always have your own goals, and self motivation is always great, that added layer of being held accountable will help you push even harder.

Create little competitions between yourselves. Who can come to the most classes that month? Or who hit the most PR’s? Who came in early for some foam rolling and extra mobility work the most that week? Whoever loses owes the other lunch, or a drink. We can help you get into the best shape of your life once you walk in those doors, but we know sometimes even getting motivated to get here is half the battle. Make sure you're set up for success and be each other’s cheerleader.

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