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Open House 2017

Hi Guys Happy Sunday!

Wanted to recap the Open House we had yesterday and thank all who attended for making it such a massive success

Things kicked off at 9am. With our vendors set up.

Full Circle Market


Triple Crown Chiropractic

From 9am until noon we had over 70 people stop by to check out vendors, inquire about training with a whopping 51 hanging around for a workout!

We started our workout with a fun warmup to get everyone moving. Every time Sting and The Police sing “Roxanne” during the song you complete a burpee. Short and effective way to get a large group warmed up.

Our first Station was with Coach Corey teaching the Sumo deadlift high pull with a kettle bell. This is a great movement incorporating a dynamic pull for beginners.

Next we transitioned to the wall ball station. The most simplistic way to describe this movement is a full squat with a medicine ball at the top of the squat your going to release the medicine ball aiming for a 10ft target 🎯. As the ball comes off the wall you will catch re-squat and repeat.

The last and final Station were sit ups. In this Station Natasha went over how to properly us an abmat to maximize abdominal engagement in your sit ups.

Now we have the movements the rep scheme went

4 rounds of each movement

40 seconds working

20 seconds resting

16 minutes later we were finished hugs and high fives for everyone.

This will be a yearly event. I hope we can continue to grow and use as leverage to help promote the importance of health wellness in the community. Thanks !!!

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