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Our little farewell…

Natasha’s last day was this week, and we wanted to throw together a little post of goodbyes from CFSS members. You’re going to be missed!! (If you all have anything to add, DM me and I’ll throw it on the post!)

“Thank you. Thank you for pushing us, for encouraging us, for believing in us. You helped create #teamkettlebell. Between classes, events, food discussions, you have become an important part in all of our lives. Good luck with your new challenges. Keep kicking butt!” – Matt McCaslin


– Thanks for dedication to the gym and our members. It was a pleasure to have you at CFSS. We are going to miss you and your dedication to our community. Best of luck! Come back and see us. – Josh Tackett

Great coaches aren’t an everyday thing at most gyms, or sports teams, or even in the work place. Some lead by example, others are dedicated and determined, while others teach teamwork, motivate you, and listen. Other coaches thrive to build character, challenge, and develop you as an athlete. Natasha is one of the very few coaches who does all of this, while remaining committed to our team, and is each athlete’s biggest fan. – Austin Greanias

Thank you for showing me how to do things I would have never imagined I could do…and for helping me step out of my comfort zone… and for making me want a tattoo (or 5!) – Missy Estep

Natasha, you have been a pleasure to meet and to work with over the last couple of months. You are a strong independent woman with the ability to overcome and adapt. I’m excited to see how life blossoms for you and yours on this segment of life’s journey!Best wishes and Power on! – Andrew Easterling

You have been such an inspiration to me and taught me that being a working mom does not put limitations on what I can do. I am going to miss you but I am excited for this new journey of your life! – Brittany Danielle May

From coaching to competing together, you have pushed me to become a better person and I am forever grateful for that. Good luck on your new path in life. You will be truly missed! – Jason Joseph

Natasha is such an inspiration to all of us, but especially to us CrossFit moms! She is definitely a role model and gives me motivation to stick with it and stay dedicated! CFSS will miss you, Natasha! Come back and visit!!! – Allison Carol Nelson


I’m not sure where to start. From the very first workout I ever completed, you have been my partner in crime! You are always pushing everyone to complete the next rep, push for faster times, and encouraging us when things are tough. Your energy is positive and contagious, and I don’t know what I will do without you. I know God will bless your path wherever you go, but it definitely won’t be the same without you.

We will miss you,

Caitlin and Brendan

Wishing the best of luck to Natasha in this next chapter of her life. Whether she was coaching 15 people in a class or when it would just be just me & Maggard, she was always encouraging & pushing us to do our best. She’ll be missed greatly at CFSS. – Spargo

One of my biggest crossfit mentors and motivators. Ive been with her from the very start and watched her grow as an athlete, coach, and individual and been impeccable at all of them. Shes someone I always looked up to and will continue following. She was always there for all my random questions and whenever I needed advice and help, to share snack and meal prep ideas, and work to do to improve my strength. Even though she’s at a different box, she will always be a part of the CFSS family. – Alexis Apodaca

“Thank you for encouraging me, pushing me, and inspiring me to be better everyday. Knowing you is a blessing!” – Patti Siwula


I didn’t get a chance to work out with you a ton, but just know, as a working mom, you really inspired me not to use that as an excuse to give up or slow down. You showed me that I can still push myself and create a life I’m proud of. Thanks for being awesome. You will be missed quite a lot around here. – Rachel Mullikin

I have never in my life met anyone who loves Crossfit and her Crossfit friends more than Natasha. She truly cares about seeing her classes succeed in workouts and is always there to help out anyone who needs it. She will definitely be missed! – Tommy Newkirk

Thank you for being an inspiration to so many. “She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future” – Lisa Varner

Natasha always fun to workout with and always made her sessions fun. She didn’t even hurt me after I hit her with a plate!! – Jason Maggard

Thank you Natasha for being a coach to all of us and being a friendly face not just to the regulars but to the new faces as well. Making the community and lifestyle easy to be apart of. – Ryan Scott

Natasha, Thank you for helping me become the better athlete and person. You listen to us and you were there for us. Good luck in your new adventure. #Teamkettlebell will miss ya. John Stuber.

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