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Play like their lives depend on it.

Over the years, there has been a lot of misinformation regarding strength training for young athletes. A lot of old studies have been debunked about stunted growth and injury, but are still cited by many. Leading medical schools and hospitals have done countless hours of studies and research and now agree that our youth should be taking part in strength training as a means to build a strong base for sports, and for life in general.

Today’s children are becoming more sedentary by the day. Between long school hours, many programs cutting recess shorter and shorter, after school programs, and constant access to smartphones and tablets, kids are already having physiological issues that would have never been seen at this age 20-30 years ago. Occupational Therapy for children has risen by double digits in the last several years to help kids recuperate from sitting slouched looking down at cellphones and to help with other long term physical stressors we haven’t seen in the past.

Our FitKids and Athlete Strength and Conditioning programs are perfect for kids from elementary through high school. Your goals could range from just getting your child off the couch a few hours a week, or maybe they want to make All District next year in their sport. Either way, we have a program for them. Learning these strength methods and movements will ensure they have a healthier life well after their school days.

While building muscle is a large part of these programs, so is play. Kids don’t have enough chance to be kids anymore, and need to be able to run, jump, chase, and just move in general. We have to ensure these kids aren’t just building strength, but building stability, helping their developing CNS, and making sure they enjoy it at the same time.

Our Athlete S&C program has classes from Monday – Thursday at 5:00 and 6:00 pm, and Saturdays at 10:00 am. Contact us on our FB page or though email at to get started.

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