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Playing = Learning

If you’ve been around an elementary school child, you know within 5 minutes of being around them, they want to move. Wiggle, run, jump, dance, climb, and crawl. But sadly, we have our children’s days scheduled down to the minute sometimes, and between sitting in a classroom for hours on end, to extra curricular activities, all their little bodies want to do is play, though they don’t get enough opportunities at times. Let your child burn off some energy, as well as learn lessons about fitness and make new friends.

Parents! We are introducing a new year-round fitness program for kids: FIT KIDS! They will be running obstacle courses, playing games, jumping on trampolines, climbing rope, throwing medicine balls, playing tug-of-war, learning about nutrition and mindfulness, and more!

3-4 year olds: Monday 5:15-5:45

5-7 year olds: Monday and Wednesday 6-6:30

8-11 year olds: Tuesday and Thursday 5:15-6:15

Call (502) 694-0588, Facebook Message, or email to sign up now as spots are limited. We will have a blast!

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