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PT for free!

Have you been interested in starting a fitness program, but have some previous injuries or concerns about getting the ball rolling? We regularly speak with people who have had surgeries and are hesitant about starting program that involves lifting weights. We want people to have the utmost confidence in our facility, and the exercises that we are having you preform are safe.

We have partnered with Physical Therapist, Ryan Shelton DPT, and owner of Philantro Physical Therapy. Any new members who signs up during the month of September will receive a FREE consultation upon signing up at CFSS. Ryan will go over your history and background, and talk to you about any injuries or concerns you might have before starting to exercise again. We will consult and get the whole team on the same page to get you active again. Our trainers along with Ryan’s medical opinion can put you on the right track to take your life back into your hands.

Ready to kick the excuses aside and start?

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