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Quarantine and Your Kids.

This pandemic will have an end date. Whether it’s a few months away or over a year from now, sports will eventually resume. What is your student athlete doing to stay ready? Once the season rolls around, it will be painfully obvious who played video games the entire time, and who kept pushing themselves when no one was watching.

This quarantine has come with a lot of firsts, and a lot of unknowns. Your spring sport athletes may have trained and conditioned for half the year getting ready only to have their season get cancelled. We don’t want to downplay their emotions, this could have been devastating for them, a lot of high school athletes lives revolve around their sport. It’s easy for them to fall into a bit of despair, and for them to feel all that work was for nothing. But parents, this is where they need you. Be there for them. Let them vent. This may seem like a minor inconvenience to you, but to them, they may feel as if their world is crashing down, and those feelings are valid. You also need to help them navigate this so they know not to throw in the towel.

Now is not the time to give up. Keep them accountable, keep them moving. There are so many body weight exercises and cardio workouts that can be done with minimal equipment. Get involved. Try to workout with them if you can. Try to make it fun. There’s a lot of stress on everyone in the family right now trying to navigate these uncertainties, everyone could use some laughs and smiles.

We are offering 2 weeks of free programming for our student athletes and their friends. Share this link, let your teenagers challenge their friends to see who can complete the most days in a row. Again, the more fun you can make all this, the more successful they’ll be.

Also, we still plan on offering our Summer Strength and Conditioning program tentatively from June 8 - July 31st, and we have sold our every single summer so be sure to contact us to reserve a spot. Give your student the upper hand once the season resumes.

At the end of the day, can your kids watch some Tik Tok videos for an hour each day, and play some video games? Sure. It won’t hurt. But just ensure they’re also getting movement in as well. This will help them not only physically, but mentally as well.

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