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Ready for a challenge?

CrossFit will get you into the best shape of your life if you put in the time and the effort. But what if you want to push yourself even further out of your comfort zone? There are two events in the fall that will require quite a bit of training outside of the usual daily WOD’s, but can be a fun change of pace.

Anchored in Iron Powerlifting Charity Meet and the Rugged Red Half Marathon are in several months, and we have the training plans to get your ready if you want to conquer them. Never ran a half marathon? That’s okay. Never powerlifted? That’s okay too. We will show you the ropes and help get you ready. You’ll also be among several other gym members who will be tackling these and will be able to train together.

The Anchored In Iron Meet is a Charity Meet that is for an amazing cause, and the atmosphere is a lot different than a typical powerlifting competition. It’s raising money for families of children who have serious illnesses in the area, and many families who have been helped by this group will be there to cheer you on. There’s love and support the entire day, so if you’ve ever thought about giving a Meet a shot, this would be an incredible time to try. Not only will you have a great atmosphere, but you’ll be raising money for a worthy charity as well. The typical training schedule for this will have you powerlifting 3-4 days a week, and doing CrossFit 1-2 days a week.

The Rugged Red isn’t your typical half marathon. It’s run through the beautiful Red River Gorge, and is full of hills, uneven terrain, and gorgeous scenes you’ll never find in another half marathon. The typical training for this is in addition to your normal CrossFit schedule.

If you want any more information, the training for these needs to start soon, so contact Josh and we can get you started.

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