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Ready to make changes? Be honest with your self.  

Around this time of year people are trying to think of “resolutions” or saying things like “new you” but just because you say it does not make it a goal or successful aspiration and life change. 4 years ago I was in the best shape of my life. Three years ago I gave birth to our amazing littleBoy and ever since I have said ok here goes, pre baby weigh diet, ok strict paleo, diet time. Josh, my husband always laughs and says, yes Candice the best diets start Monday. Haha! I have been telling myself for 3 years that I was “trying”to lose weight and until one month ago I was still telling myself that. I have tried every diet possible over the past three years along with changing my workouts every few months because something “wasn’t working”. It (workouts) was working but I wasn’t working, at least hard enough. Excuse after excuse I made

Down with all of my excuses and what ifs. So what did I do, finally stick with it the month of December I worked out consistently, changed my diet to begin training for my first powerlifting meet in February. Having a time frame to lose weight as well as get stronger has made me hold myself accountable and also allow others to hold me accountable. I have lost 8.5lbs in one month even with the holiday along with I working out four times the week of Christmas. So is my work out or diet working better than the three years before NO but I am working harder. I have changed my lifestyle which is a long term change, something I will be able to manage from here on I will no longer make excuses I will make changes. So my advice for those of you trying to lose weight or get stronger don’t put it off, find something to train for, whether it be a race, a 5 mile hike, increase weight on lifts, write your goals and publish them and start now or you will be in the same place 3 years later and feel like you let yourself down. Getting healthy and fit has to be something you want for yourself not something other people want for you, it takes enormous amounts of mental strength to succeed so you have to motivate and drive yourself to meet your goals don’t expect the “workout” or the “diet” to do it for you.

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