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Real Member Stories – Cynthia

Cynthia is a newer member to CFSS, but we always love hearing from our members about their experiences, whether they’ve been with us 2 months or 2 years. Keep up the great work Cynthia, we’re so happy you’ve found your gym family.

“I began CrossFit Strode Station (CFSS) in October with Josh’s 6-week group challenge. After a rapid weight gain over a short period and always feeling tired, I knew something had to change. My goals were simple, accountability, to help cope with stress (with two teenagers at home, a demanding job, and as agraduate student), and to get into better shape. It was intimidating walking through the doors the first night but I was pleasantly surprised. What I found at CFSS was a welcoming, encouraging and patient environment from not only the trainers but also the members. Throughout the 6-week challenge, Josh gave the group dietary recommendations based on our individual needs. Josh only had to call me out once, or maybe twice about what I was eating for me to stick closely to the recommendations. When the 6-week group challenge was complete, I was down 7 pounds and I was starting to see changes in my physical appearance.

What keeps me coming back is that I am being pushed to do things I would never push myself to do on my own. I am finding myself after a hectic day at work wanting to workout the stress. My daughter Ciana also trains at CFSS with the athleteS&C group, which makes coming to the gym convenient. Moreimportantly, the environment at CFSS is not like any other gym.”

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