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Run the River!

July 13th, you have a chance to race against your fellow gym members. And potentially make some big bucks. The second annual River’s End Rampage will be kicking off, and we have a ton in store! You do not have to be a CrossFitter to run in this race either. Invite some friends or family to run with you!

The run will consist of teams of 4 (2 guys & 2 girls).

1st place $1k

2nd place $750

3rd place$500

This team event is compromised of 4 Metcons and 4 miles of running. The event kicks off with 100 deadlifts (50 for the ladies at #155, and 50 for the guys at #225) before you take off for your first mile. Once the team reaches mile 1 as a group they will complete sandbag GRACE (30 clean and presses with a sandbag) with the partner of the same sex. Once all 4 partners have completed GRACE they will take off for mile 2. At the end of Mile 2, you will complete a sled relay. After you finished the relay, your team will take off for 1.75 Mile Run before you finish you will arrive at an Assault Bike where team will bike 100 Calories before a 400m sprint to the finish.

We can’t wait to have you all out to the picturesque farm, and would love some spectators and cheerleaders. Sign up’s are live, and we’ve already had 10 teams sign up. Come join soon, Time is almost up!’s-End-Rampage-2019-Hosted-By-CrossFit-Strode-Station-In-Crossfit-Competition?source=search_events&source_area=search_results

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