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Scaling For Success

Most people have someone invite them to a CrossFit gym, and they assume they would never be able to keep up. They’ve seen the CrossFit games on TV, seen the multitudes of competitors with 6-pack abs that are climbing ropes and squatting hundreds of pounds. They don’t know that CrossFit is for everyone.

We have grandparents at our gym, stay at home mothers, ex-military, cops, college students, people who had never lifted weights before they walked in our doors, factory workers, teachers, and people from more backgrounds than you can imagine. And they’ll all do the same workout every day. But the factor most people don’t know exists is scaling. How many people can walk in the door and do a handstand push-up in their first workout? Slim to none. And that’s okay. There are multiple options to build strength that will imitate the movement without the same intensity. Can’t do a pull-up? That’s fine! We have other ways you can build upper body strength to get you ready to get to a pull-up one day.

We don’t expect anyone to walk in our door in such great shape they can hit every workout as it’s written. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. We will get to know those, and help you build a base of fitness from there. Not everyone has the same end goal, and we know that. Some people want to place in CrossFit competitions, while some just want to be able to carry their toddler up the stairs without getting winded. We will help you reach your goals, whatever they are.

To all of our current remembers, remember, we love when you bring friends. Word of mouth is one of our best allies, so thank you for everyone you’ve ever brought to see us. Their first workout is always free. And to those who haven’t walked through our doors yet, we hope to see you soon. We will meet you where you are.

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