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Simple works, why complicate it ?

People are in a hurry to overcomplicate training. It seriously boggles my mind. They stress and argue over every detail of a training plan. I watch people drive themselves into a frenzy trying to decide what to do today. These are the same folks that will ask coaches for advice and then quickly tell them why none of “that” will work for them. Or complain that the answer isn’t something “easy.”


This shit ain’t over tomorrow.

This shit also ain’t supposed to be easy.

Take a breath, homie.


Keep it simple...

Horizontal Push.

Horizontal Pull.

Vertical Push.

Vertical Pull.




Focus on your movement.

Do your conditioning.


Train accordingly.

Use different bars if you have them.

Use chains and bands if you know how.

Focus on quality movement and proper progression.

Do your Accessory work.

Lift heavy.

Run fast.

Be in shape.


Why are you stressing?


How do you want to train?

What do you care about within your definition of progress and fitness?

Go do that.

I’ll say preach this ‘til I’m blue in the face.

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