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Sledpulls : Fun but Functional

There are a few moves you will see our S&C athletes doing on a pretty regular basis, in line with the conjugate method of training. Sledpulls are used quite often, and we wanted to run through a bit of the “why”. Here’s an excerpt from the BoxProgramming website on why these are commonly used in conditioning and CrossFit :


– Improves strength-speed

– Improves strength-endurance

– Improves muscular imbalance

– Deload from the barbell (no external loading)

– Improves body-composition

– Improves aerobic capacity

– Facilitates recovery

As you can see, the list of benefits of power-walking with a sled is pretty lengthy. With that said, power-walking with a weighted sled should be a staple in your programming. Regardless of your goals, sled pulls will improve your strength and aerobic/anaerobic capabilities. It’s also great for restoration. And the extra work for the posterior chain will help to improve body composition.

For athletes, power-walking with a weighted sled is a must. With just about any sport, improving sprint speed and change of direction is important. With the sled, we can effectively build the primary movers that are involved with both aspects of athletics without your athletes needed a prerequisite movement skills.”

We’re also including the link from

This page, there are several great video resources on sledpulls you can watch as well if you want even more knowledge on the subject. All in all, these are a great tool in our arsenal, and they will be a staple for a long time to come.

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