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Slow and Steady

PR’s are fun. They’re exciting. They’re the part of the programming we look forward too, the culmination of our hard work.

But we won’t do this for a while. And we want you all to understand why.

The last couple of months we’ve all had our worlds turned upside down. Schools closed early, businesses shut their doors for an unknown amount of time, restaurants weren’t allowed to be gathering places anymore. No matter if you had an “essential” job, or if you were furloughed, life turned on its head in many facets.

A lot of you rolled with the punches. You borrowed equipment, you kept fighting the good fight. But no matter how much you trained, not many of you had access to squat racks. Or a bench for presses. Or many other necessities to build towards your next PR. And that’s okay. But with the excitement in the gym we feel from you all since reopening, we are trying at all costs to avoid leading any of you towards an injury.

No one loses all their muscle gains in 2 months. You all will be able to bounce back from this quickly. But while our goal is to get you in the best shape of your life, we can’t do that if you get injured.

So be prepared to see lower percent work for higher reps for a bit. We still have all the confidence in the world that your work ethics and drive will get you the number you’ve had your eye on, but in due time. You all are our second family and we’re trying to look out for your health and well-being.

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