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Some Women Fear The Fire. Some Women Simply Become It.

Women are inherently tough. No matter their age, locale, or occupation, they’ve dealt with adversity. But we will say, women who work out with us at CFSS are even more awesome.

There is a bit of a societal taboo that tells women they shouldn’t lift weights. They need to shrink themselves, literally and figuratively. They shouldn’t be loud, shouldn’t get muscular, shouldn’t be intimidating. But our ladies have decided that they don’t plan on conforming. They lift heavy, they sweat, they yell and maybe even cuss when they hit a PR, and they are inspiring women around them.

Ladies, there is always someone watching your progress in awe, even if they don’t tell you. Could be your neighbor, your niece, your mother. They may not tell you how proud they are of you, and how much you inspire them, but there is always someone watching. While, first and foremost, you need to push yourself for you, keep doing it for them too. Show them it’s okay to be big, proud, and loud of your accomplishments. That you don’t have to dim your shine to be accepted by others.

Happy International Women’s Day to our CFSS Women. We are all better for knowing you.

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