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Sparking Change

As we approach 4 years of operation at CrossFit Strode Station, we are extremely

proud of how far we have come.   The goal has always been to be more than a gym

but to facilitate health and wellness into our community. We wanted to become a

vehicle to help create a difference in Central Kentucky.  We have been fortunate

to develop great community partnerships and a strong membership base to help

us drive that improvement. CrossFit Strode Station is excited to announce a new venture – We will be partnering

with Clark County Public Schools to bring CrossFit to students enrolled at Phoenix

Academy! Beginning in January, the coaches of CrossFit Strode Station will begin

visiting adolescents at Phoenix Academy four days a week to work with up to

30 students during the Spring Semester. The partnership has been made possible

by funding provided by the Greater Clark Foundation of Winchester.Funding will allow

Clark County Public Schools and students of Phoenix Academy to purchase

equipment (such as medicine balls, jump ropes, sandbags, etc.), receive

Functional Movement Screens from KORT Physical Therapy, and get direct

services from our CrossFit coaches. Programming will target general physical

preparedness through direct training with our coaches, as well as social-emotional

functioning and interpersonal skills through opportunities for students to establish

relationships with positive community-based role-models and become leaders

within their peer groups. Through the course of this partnership, we hope to see

students improve their confidence, increase their self-efficacy, build resilience

and perseverance, enhance practical problem-solving skills, and improve

their overall health and well-being.

Stay tuned for updates as we begin working with students at Phoenix Academy!

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