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Spotlight Athlete! Lisa!

Spotlight Athlete Lisa Varner


Crossfit Birthday: March 2015 First WOD: 200m run 21-15-9 Air squat, ring row, push-up 200 m run Favorite Memory: Ironically, the best memory so far included a running WOD. If you know me, you know I’m not a fan of running.So, of course, I was the last person finishing up, when Mike Holloway, who had already finished came out and finished the run with me. This is the type of “community” that comes with Crossfit. You won’t find that at a regular gym. 4 Favorite Movements: Power snatch, deadlift, double under, and push press What is You Dream WOD: A 5k Run (one day) 5 Things We Don’t Know About You:  1. I have been married to my husband Tommy for four years. 2. I have a fraternal twin sister, Melissa. We are 27 minutes apart (she’s older). 3. I’ve worked at UK Healthcare for 17 years. The last 10 years have been managing the Transplant Clinic. 4. I do Crossfit despite having rheumatoid arthritis (what’s your excuse?). 5. I  have three kids, Kobe (15), Abbigail (9) and my niece, Kaylee (13). 

One thing that I would like to say to all those who think this is too hard…… it is!  That’s the fun of it. You have to start somewhere and Josh and Corey will get you there.  I wish I had found Crossfit sooner.  It has given me my life back.  Thanks, Josh, Candice, Corey and Emma for bringing Crossfit to Winchester, KY.

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