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Stay Ready

Stay Ready

”Sometimes it just comes down to horsepower." That remains my go-to advice when it comes to the question: why should I be prepared? Why should we work hard? Why should we push? Why should we set goals and chase them down with everything we’ve got? It’s simple... All things being equal, know that you are willing and able to work harder, for longer. I'm not a phenomenal athlete. I'm not an endurance athlete, a gymnast, and I'm not even that strong for my size. But, I certainly am better at suffering than most people. Now, this can’t be a marker for success, because it’s not. What it means though is that I’m willing to do more work. I’m willing to train and do what needs done. How can I be better? How can I improve? Assess. Problem solve. Make a plan. Work hard and know that you've got that sixth gear ready when the time comes. Because the other guy may already be topped out when he hits fifth. Even if you don’t compete in any endeavor and never plan to, remember that ”the other guy“ can be real world problems that arise where you need to be ready. They can be a bad day you have to push through. It can be a rough patch that feels like it will never end. Learn to push yourself. Develop that horsepower to know you’ve got what it takes. It‘ll turn all the other noise down.


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