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Stay The Course


It is easy during the holiday season to put your health and fitness on the back burner.  Let’s get the barrage of excuses ready.

I do not have time I will start back the first of the year. There is too much good food to resist We need the extra money.

Committing to yourself is difficult.  A lot of people have a hard time putting their needs first.  It gets dark early, you have been eating poorly, and the couch is calling your name after work.

Why put off today what we can do tomorrow.  It’s hard damn work getting healthy, working out and  having some self control around food.  If it was easy we would not be the most overweight country in the world.

Self control around food is tough.  Food is a drug and needs to be treated as such. And a lot of have addictions or weakness towards food .  We co-depend and the office setting is notorious for breaking the most strong willed.  Plan ahead to fight these temptations.  Prep your food a head of time to keep yourself from being hungry and weak towards temptation.

Quality gym memberships are expensive.   You know what else is expensive doctors visits,medicine and eating out.  Prioritize your health.

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