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Strength & Conditioning’s Vital Role for Kids

When it comes to strength and conditioning training for teens and younger children, the list of benefits goes on for miles.

On the physical side, training will cause children to have an increase in lean body mass. This leads to a smaller percentage of body fat, and healthier BMI through childhood. With the obesity epidemic in American children, this is crucial to work on at a young age. Children are less active than ever unfortunately, and their posture from sitting hunched over phones and computers for the majority of their day is effecting them well into adulthood.

“In the last 20 years of practice, the prevalence of forward head posture/anterior head carry in both youth and adults has exploded. What used to be on occasional postural finding has now become sadly the norm. Computer use, Video games, lap top computer use, smart phones, tablets and general inactivity have been the drivers of this postural distortion. The head becomes flexed forward to view the screens, this creates a shortening of the anterior neck flexors and a weakening of the neck extensors. For every inch the head moves off the midline it adds ten pounds of weight as far as the supportive muscles are concerned. This increased muscle tension leads to all kinds of health ailments including: neck pain, upper back pain, spasms, headaches, TMJ pain, muscle weakness and decreased vital lung capacity to name a few”. –Dr. Allen Ashforth, D.C., C.C.W.P

Bones are actually proven to be stronger when training is utilized at a younger age. It actually increases their bone density over time.

Student athletes are also shown to have dramatic increases in motor skills when training is introduced as a kid. This also leads to a decrease in injuries as they age.

There is also the mental aspect of training as well. These students have more confidence, more drive, and are more engaged with those around them.

There is still a laundry list of reasons as to why early introduction to strength and conditioning that we didn’t even cover. But know that at CFSS, we have your child’s best interests in mind. We want them to be stronger not only physically, but mentally as well.

Our summer program will be here before we know it. Spots are already close to half full, so be sure to contact us immediately if you’re interested in your child getting faster and stronger physically, and tougher mentally.

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