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Strode Station State of the Union: What Now?

So, here we are, right?

Yesterday the Governor of Kentucky called for a shutdown of all gyms, along with several other forms of business that will make social distancing compliance difficult. Now, why are they doing this?

Here's my quick explanation: if you're not going somewhere, you have less chance of POSSIBLY being exposed to a virus/ailment. With the concerns surrounding the Coronavirus, what the government is currently attempting to do is trying to mitigate how many cases hospitals and medical providers are having to handle at once. This move makes sense to us. The important thing to do is to remember that simply because a place is closed or the government is asking you don't go there, that does NOT mean that you would catch something if you went.

Take for example the hold put on the NFL season. What that is doing is attempting to control how many people are around one another at once. Which can slow down the spread of an illness. What it's not doing is saying "if you go to an NFL game, you will surely catch the Coronavirus."

What we want to do is remind everyone of what this situation is: preemptive measures to help control and minimize spread.

The gym is a space that experiences plenty of foot traffic each day. We'll absolutely keep you updated as we know more and get more information, but for now, please take comfort in knowing a couple things...

1.) We're still here. The coaches are still working hard to clean, prepare programming (both online and for when all of this is over), produce content (movement demo library, podcasts, blog posts), and provide a support system for the people of this community. Just because we can't run classes does not meant that business stops. We're still turning the cogs in the machine to keep it running smoothly and make this transition through this strange time as seamless as possible.

2.) You're still a community. Not being able to train together in groups every day doesn't mean we're suddenly out here on our own. Reach out to those around you. Make sure people have what they need. These can be uncertain times for lots of folks. People all respond to stress differently and some need more support then others. Be there for each other and check on your friends and neighbors.

3.) What do you need? Really, we want to know. Let us know what we can do to help you navigate this time. Is it programming? We're on it! Is it nutrition guidance so we don't fall off the wagon when the stores are running low? We got your back! Is it just a friend to chat with? Shoot us a message or give us call! Being a coach means more then just starting the clock and writing down workouts. We're here for you with whatever you need.

So, with all that being said, what now?

Well, here's out advice...

Compliance with what the Governor is asking of us and taking the necessary precautions to try to make this process move even faster. I know we're all probably tired of hearing it (I know I am), but yeah, wash your hands. Don't go to heavily trafficked ares unless it's absolutely necessary.

But even more then that, be sure to take care of yourself. Try to establish some semblance of a routine if you can that will help give your day a sense of order. Make breakfast. Have your morning coffee. Get work done from home if your office is closed. Get ahead on school work if your classes are cancelled. Exercise! Even if you're not following our online, at-home programming, do something. Daily movement helps most of what ails us (isn't that why we go to the gym in the first place?) and you should continue to invest in it even if you can't get here to the gym.

Also remember that this will 100% pass. This is a temporary measure meant to help keep as many people healthy as possible. This is not what our world looks like now and this moment will end. It may not feel like that when we're sitting in front of our screens or day-to-day life has been turned a bit upside down, but go outside. Get some fresh air. Look around and listen. The world is still out there and turning and we're working to get back to normal. It can be hard to remember that in moments like these and you deserve the reminder you can provide yourself and others: the world is still turning.

One of the great things about fitness, health, exercise, and the community surrounding it is that it gives you a beacon to hold onto. It gives you a place and activity that can act as a calm little center of the universe during moments of unease, bad days, or hard times. They can also add on to good times and positive achievements. Don't let yourself lose that.

Continue to train.

Continue to invest in your health.

Continue to invest in each other.

A goal is only unattainable when you stop working towards it. Right now, our goal is to keep being healthy and keep being a community.

And we all know what to do to achieve that.

Get to work.

- Coach Bean

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