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Strong As A Mother

Motherhood is rewarding. It’s tough. It’s a mix of a million emotions in a 5 pound sack. But the one thing we love about our CFSS moms is their ability to show their children that they can be strong too.

There are so many outside influences telling mothers they have to get their pre-baby body back in weeks. They have to look like they never had a child. Their worth is defined by their appearance. But our CFSS mothers know better. They know that this is superficial and worthless. They don’t conform to societies views. And they’re setting examples for their kids. Being strong, physically and mentally, is what will be beneficial in the long run. These moms are showing their daughters that they are worth more than a number on a scale. They aren’t defined by their pants size. They’re showing their sons how to fight through the pain, how to push themselves even when they don’t have the motivation, conquer their fears, and how to they treat others.

Our moms are strong, and we applaud them for all they do. Happy Mother’s Day ladies. We are so proud to call you part of our family.

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