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Strong bodies build strong communities 💪🏼

We all have talents we can use to impact the space we live to make it a better place. Do not ever under estimate your ability to make impact.

I want to make a lasting impact on the space i live in. We all have a voice an opportunity to do amazing things to help.

As a business we have spent so much time growing and moving we have not spent as much time working on community projects and giving back as I would like. Things have settled well kind of but we are at a place where we can shift more energy towards helping build a stronger community.

We want to help the people who come to our gym get healthier, increase fitness, improve performance but if that is all we did we would be missing a huge opportunity. Along with improving our fitness we want challenge accepted norms, improve access to health for everyone. Along with strong bodies, come strong minds hard work carries over to all aspects of your life.

See One thing CrossFit has done beautifully is created this idea of community based fitness. We are a community we have set high standards in our gym, we hold each other accountable and expect the same in return. We want to help make our community a better place. We have few things coming up we would love to have some community support!

Today we had nearly 50 people turn out to run the Winchester Turkey Trot 5k benefitting Clark County Community Services.

If you would like to help us give back? We have a collection barrel at CFSS. We are accepting canned food, non-perishables, hats coats and gloves, these can be gently used.

CFSS would like to invite you out to workout for a cause. $10 dollars per person. Come sweat, high five and raise money to help support Clark County. On Dec 16th we will host a fun workout for all levels. The more the merrier. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Clark County Community Services through who will match whatever we can raise up to 10K.

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