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Summer Kids Program

Summer Youth Programs 8 Weeks June 5th – July 28th

This year CFSS will be offering youth fitness camps for ages ranging from 5-18. These camps are intended to improve overall general fitness as well as help refine their gross motor skills (running, jumping, crawling…). These camps will be divided by age and exercises/activities will be modified to suit each athletes needs and ability levels. Our goal for these programs are to give the athletes a solid foundation of knowledge on how to properly exercise.

So how do we train our kids?

We do not believe in sport specific training. Sport specific skills are learned on the court or the field not in weight room or gym. A lot of what we do with kids is centered around work. Kids today lack GPP do to the evolution of our culture, lack of outside play, and overall, kids do a lot less manual labor. Heavy carries, sled pulls and body weight movements are a staple with our athletes. We want to build strong stable athletes who can hold good position under the stresses of their given sport. We stress position, proprioception and development of proper movement patterns.

**** ONLY 16 spots available for session 

Contact us:



5-7 MW 9-10am $200

8-12 MW 9:30-10:30 $175

13-18 MWF 10:30-11:30am $225

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