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The CF Open is coming

The Open is Coming!! The Open is Coming!!

THE OPEN? What exactly is “The Open” and should I really be participating in it? The CrossFit Open is a competition where you can compete against hundreds and thousands of athletes across the globe in five workouts over the course of five weeks. The first workout will be performed on Feb 22, then every Friday after that, a new WOD will be released. And YES, you should participate; for fun, with your Strode Station community and to see how far you have come or can go!! Here is a quick guide to help you enjoy your experience while focusing on your nutrition, injury prevention, and approaching the workouts.


We have 40+ athletes that are working with a coach right now with the macro challenge and I would stick to your macros during the course of the five weeks during the Open WOD days. If you aren’t participating in the Macro Challenge, on the day of the WOD you want to avoid eating at least 1-2 hours before you are working out. Focus on getting in complex carbs, protein, and minimal fats before you workout that day. 1-2 hours after your workout, have a protein shake or eat a meal with carbs, protein and fats to help with muscle recovery. Focus on eating most of your carbs before and after your workout because this is what is going to help fuel your body and help with muscle recovery.

Injury Prevention:

HAVE FUN! Treat this as if it was just another workout at the gym. Once the workout is released, think about the movements and how you are going to go about the WOD. Do not be afraid to scale! When the WODs are announced, they have scaling options and if you need to scale further then us coaches will be more than happy to help. This is supposed to be an enjoyable experience and now is not the time to RX when you know you can’t. Know your weaknesses; ER or PR!

Approaching the Workouts:

Warm-Up Properly: Focus on the warm-up the coaches have programmed. They program these warm-ups to focus on the area of the body you are going to be using to wake up those muscles in order to move better during your WOD. If you need additional warming up, such as rolling, plan to come in a few minutes early to get that in with the prescribed warm up.

Plan: Think about how you are going to do the WOD. Are you trying to get past The Open or you just want to see where you stand among other athletes? Maybe you just want to come in and workout with good company and have fun. No matter your reason for participating, BE SMART AND HAVE FUN! Also, these workouts are more advanced than your regular programming at the gym so plan a rest day to recover.

Chill Out: Breath and don’t stress. This is supposed to be an enjoyable experience and stressing isn’t going to give you the experience or results you are looking for. Stay positive and use your anxiety as fuel to do your best in your workouts!

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