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The Scale is a Liar

The Scale is a LIAR!

With the nutrition challenge coming to an end and everyone getting their before and after numbers, I’ve noticed a few people getting discouraged over the fact that the scale hadn’t budged any. Or the fact that their numbers either didn’t go down or where they “thought” they should be. From someone that has been on an emotional rollercoaster with the scale before knows how frustrating this can be; especially when you work so hard during the challenge to not “see” the results on the scale. This is why it is so important to take other ways of seeing changes into consideration. This is exactly why we had everyone take measurements, do Body Fat percentages and  take pictures. The most important one of these is PICTURES! They don’t lie. And it is always a good idea not to rely on your own eyes to look at these before and after photos. You are so use to looking at yourself that you are automatically not going to see any changes or be your own worst critic. Find someone you trust to look at the photos for you. The scale isn’t always going to move and the inches aren’t always going to fall off.

Other than using progress pictures to help you notice results that you are getting are your strength and endurance. How have you been feeling while working out? Have you been able to finish a workout you probably couldn’t have six weeks ago? Has any of your lifts went up? How you feel on the inside is just as important as what you look like on the outside. We have member at the gym, that went to the doctor during this challenge to have their sugar checked (H1C) and his results were down to 6.9. The doctor wants it under 7 and this is the lowest it has been since he found out he had sugar problems two years ago. He was very pleased with this accomplishment and plans on keeping this number below 7. Healthier eating isn’t the only reason it has went down because he has been coming to the gym at least four days a week and staying active. It just takes small changes to your daily life get long term results.

So, next time you step on the scale and the number hasn’t budged, don’t beat yourself up over it. Take a step back and think about your water, carbohydrate, sodium and alcohol intake from the day/days before. Have you used the bathroom(number2) regularly. All these things play a role in how your weight moves from day to day. Just remember to not always rely on numbers, take progress pictures, and listen to how your body feels on the inside. For heaven’s sake (and yours) STAY OFF THE SCALE EVERYDAY!!!!!

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