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There is no perfect time to start!!!!!

Effort: Control What You Can

Ultimately, we have control over one thing: ourselves.

We control what we do and how far into it we get. Are we really committed to proper nutrition? Are we really committed to our training, to our health? Is there more we could do? More places we could tighten the screws just one more half turn and become that much more secure? In this setting, most things come down to ourselves and the biggest thing we can control from there: our effort. How much are we REALLY putting in? Does the effort match the requirements of the goal? If not, time to take some stock. Have goals changed? Where did they shift to and how can we adjust to meet them? Do we enjoy the IDEA of achieving said goal more than we actually want to ACHIEVE that goal? Remember, lots of goals look sexy. A lot of them look shiny and new when we first find them in our line of sight. We can also fall into habits of taking on goals of those around us because we feel like it gives us something be a part of it. Here’s my question: what do YOU want? What would make you feel better? What would make you happy? What would make you proud of yourself? These are things that matter. These are some of the questions that I believe coaches don’t ask enough. It’s not up to me to tell you where you should go. It’s my job to help you get where you want to be. That’s first, the decision. After that we have to determine what level of effort are we willing to give... and this can sound daunting. But here’s my suggestion... just start simply and actually go to the gym. Go run. Go train. Start moving. You don’t have to be elbow deep in it immediately. You don’t have to give it 120% every single time you’re in there YET. You just have to start. Start there and what you’ll see if that people inherently give more effort to what they truly care about. I’ll go run sometimes, but I love to lift. The stronger I get, the better and healthier I feel. My “effort” will always steer me that direction. From there, if I get a wild hair up my ass and a goal doesn’t involve lifting, I can alter course and push my effort the other way. But you have to start. Stop waiting. Stop wanting to “get in shape” before you come to the gym. Put your effort towards the simple act of getting started. That will answer so many questions and open so many doors. Stay Strong!

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