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Don’t spend time arguing. Spend time training.

With the rise of social media and the availability of information at the tip of your fingertips, it’s inevitable that folks will argue about what constitutes “strength” or “progress.”

What’s the correct way? What’s the wrong way? Is “A” better than “B”?

Well, the truth is simple… 1.) There are many ways that work. 2.) The wrong way is the way that gets you hurt or takes you further from your goals. 3.) Why are we arguing?

High Bar or Low Bar? Straight Bar or Specialty? Geared or Raw? Power or Full? Conjugate or Bulgarian? CrossFit or HIIT? Bodybuilding or Strongman?

Lift. Lift heavy and challenge yourself.

Run. Run fast and develop speed.

Conditioning. Know you can survive the demands of your training.

Eat. Eat quality foods and enough of them.

Move. Move well and be a perfectionist about position.

Be in shape. Do it consistently. Stop arguing. Start training.

You’re progress will thank you.

– Coach Bean

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