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Training vs Exercise

This is dedicated to Lisa M, Lisa V, and Austin. I am so proud of each one of you. 15 People messaged about being interested in doing this event. They all fell off for one reason or another, you three endured the 10 weeks of training. You made the necessary sacrafice and put yourself out there on the platform. It takes a lot of guts to get in front of room full of people and do what you did.

You represented CFSS very well! You hit PRs, sacraficed running! ( Lisa) and the training you enjoy doing to purely focus on getting stronger. It is hards to get outside of your comfort zone and all of did that yesterday. Thanks for being a woderful example to our community of what you can do when you push your comfort, commit to training and following through with a goal.

We could a learn a lesson from stepping out of comfort zone committing to goal and putting in the work to achieve. That has carryover to all aspects of our life. It is a great example of seeing something through to completion in the face of adversity. To me that is the difference between exercising and training, this is what sets us apart from other gyms in the area.

I literally cannot think of one single we do at CFSS that does not have a purpose. We train with intent on a daily basis. Our training is set up to build up weakness and blast through barriers. We prioritize strength and proper movement. Proper mechanics trump all other things. We spend a lot time building our GPP to give our members the abilty to tackle any goal, We have successfully helped people train for strongman, powerlifting, endurance events, and sports.

Strength training is a vital piece of the puzzle for any athletic endeavor, do not spin your wheels aimlessly wasting time walking around the gym. Hire a professional and reap the results.

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