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Upcoming Events at CFSS

There is a LOT going on at CFSS the next couple of weeks, so we just wanted to make sure everyone is aware of schedule changes. 

Next weekend, on Saturday the 13th, we are hosting the Festivus Games. We will not be having our usual 9:00 am class that morning, nor will we have the Strength and Conditioning class for our athletes, or our Barbell class. That being said, we have a ton of members in the gym competing, and would love to have a huge turnout to cheer them on. So please make sure to swing by! Our Strength and Conditioning class will be made up on Sunday the 14th at 5:00 pm, and our Barbell class will be held at 4:00 pm that Sunday as well.

The following Saturday is the Storm Run Gauntlet, which we still have spots available for. Click this link for more details and to join the race. We will still be holding our usual Saturday classes at their usual scheduled times. 

We also will be starting our 6 Week Challenge on 10/15. This is for people who are new to the gym, and want to start working out in a little less intimidating class. We only will be taking on 10 people so the class can be a bit more hands-on, and they will also get a half hour nutrition check in every week of the challenge to make sure they’re successful. If you know anyone who has debated coming to see us, but has been a little worried they wouldn’t be able to keep up, please tell them about this opportunity. This is a great starting point for someone who needs to build a fitness foundation as well as help with their nutrition. 

For our moms, keep an eye out in the group postings, but we will start going for walks on intermittent Wednesdays and would love to have you join us. 

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