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Vacation doesn’t have to equal a setback

Vacation. The time to let loose, relax, and forget about life for a week. But why do we use vacation as an excuse to completely neglect any semblance of eating healthy and training regularly? While we aren’t expecting you to eat paleo, skip any alcohol, and workout multiple times a day while you’re on vacation, there are a few things you can do to ensure you don’t completely derail any progress you’ve made in the last few months.

1. Try to limit “cheat” meals from every single sitting, to once a day. There’s no need to eat a Cinnabon the size of your head for breakfast, a ton of fried food for lunch, and a dinner that’s dripping in fat with 2 deserts after. At home, you wouldn’t typically dream of eating 6,000 calories in a day, so try to eat healthy at least 2 meals a day, and limit the “vacation” meal to just one. You won’t feel deprived, but you also won’t have to go up a size in pants by the end of the week.

2. If you’re going to drink, try to avoid 5 strawberry daiquiris in a row. Limit the excessively sugary drinks, opt for something lighter. It’s really easy to consume thousands of calories in alcohol mixers without even thinking about it. Alcohol also slows the metabolism, so if you can limit it to every couple of days, even better. But we aren’t asking you to ruin your vacation if that sounds terrible.

3. Get some exercise. We aren’t even necessarily saying you need to go find a CrossFit gym close by while you’re out of town(though that’s always a fun option). Go take a walk on the beach for an hour. Go explore a park or run in a scenic area. Utilize your hotels gym for a half hour at some point during the day. Or go swim for a while in the ocean. And pack accordingly. Don’t forget good tennis shoes, and headphones to use while running.

4. Don’t lose weight to be ready for the beach, then after your vacation, lose any motivation to come back to the gym and eat healthy. This one is easier said than done. But set your next goal. And don’t make it aesthetic, but try to shoot for your first pull-up, or dropping your mile time down by a minute. Those goals will keep you going even when you don’t have an event coming up.

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