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We Are Nothing Without You

There is so much uncertainty in life right now. Some people have lost jobs, or childcare, or their children’s school year has been cancelled. We don’t know if we see the light at the end of the tunnel yet, or if this will last several more months.

What we want to take time to do tonight is thank our members. We didn’t know what this month would look like. We have 4 full time coaches with families and homes and bills that weren’t sure if they’d have an income. We didn’t know if the majority of our members would cancel since they couldn’t physically come to the gym. We didn’t know if we’d be able to pay the rent on both gym locations. But as always, we’ve realized we should’ve never worried. You all are a different breed, and supporting small businesses may not be a priority for most right now, but it is for you guys, and we are so grateful.

We are trying our hardest to keep you all motivated, keep the programming doable with limited equipment while still pushing your limits, and we are always just a text or call away. We have the best job in the world; but we were worried we wouldn’t be able to keep doing it within this epidemic. But you all are coming out in force and making us so proud. Seeing so many videos and social media posts of you all improvising at home and keeping each other accountable is what it’s all about.

We know we talk about you all being a family a lot, but we can’t stress that enough. We wouldn’t be here without you all. We appreciate you guys supporting us through this, and when we don’t have to stay 6 feet apart anymore, everyone will be getting hugs. Except for Angela.

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