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We don’t want to settle.

What’s the difference?

There are a lot of imitators and places just trying to take your money. It’s really easy to Google a workout that looks hard, slap it on a board, and clap your hands for people to go harder & faster. I see it all over social media.

When you check out a facility, ask questions. What’s your philosophy & how do you program? There should be a reason for everything, down to the smallest detail. The coaches / trainers should know it. If they reply that they just program workouts because they are difficult, that is NOT a good answer.

Our staff is comprised of full-time coaches. We study our craft, read related material, attend conferences and trainings; all with the purpose of becoming better. We don’t have other jobs and do this as a hobby on the side. It is what separates us from the rest.

Coach Bean has spent the last 4 days in Austin, TX with some of the top Strength & Conditioning professionals in the field. The Power Athlete Symposium was put on by John Welbourne (10 year NFL Veteran) and the crew from Power Athlete. Speakers included Cal Dietz (creator of the Triphasic Training method), S&C for the USA men’s hockey team, Ron Mckeefrey (2 time NCAA S&C Coach of the Year), Ralph Ruiz, Robb Wolf, and Josh Bridges to name a few.

We take the time, spend the money, and learn everything we can because we care. We don’t want a gym where members are spinning their wheels and seeing zero results. Our continued success depends on YOUR continued success. We care about you all, and don’t want to serve up mediocrity on our end. Know that when the gym doors close at 8:00 pm, that doesn’t mean we’ve quit work for the day. We are doing all we can to ensure the most knowledgeable and well rounded staff in Central Kentucky is here to help you.

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