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What are you training for? 

What are you training for?

No, but it sure makes working your butt off everyday a little easier having a carrot to chase.

I encourage you guys find something sign up and dedicate your self to training for something. The day in and day out grind is tough, goals

Keep you motivated, on track and help you give some purpose on a daily basis. Check out some of the upcoming events we are helping folks train for. Pick one commit to

The training and real the rewards. The Rugged Red 1/2 marathon is coming up

September 9th

Our friends in Huntington at CrossFit Thunder are hosting an all Girls CrossFit competition September 24th

CrossFit Strode Station has partnered with College Park to host the 2nd annual WinSprint Triathlon October 7th

We are hosting a beginner Team CrossFit competition on October 14th at CrossFit Strode Station

December 2nd the USPA Kentucky State Championship powerlifting meet

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