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What is S3 Athletics

What’s S3 Athletics even mean?

S3 = Strode Station Strength

Why the name change? Well a few reasons if we’re being honest. Rebranding was always the plan. We never really put a time table on when we’re doing it but had begun taking small steps. When the owner of CrossFit made several disparaging comments. It felt like the right time to make the move.

We always provided more services then just CrossFit. Along with our adult classes a large part of our business is personal training services, sports performance and team training.

S3 Athletics is encompassing of all of our services.

At this time we remain a CrossFit affiliate. We own and continue to own CrossFit Strode Station. With the sale finalized to new owner and CEO Eric Roza, we want to at this time stay on board. Ultimately without CrossFit we would not be where we are today as it is where I discovered my passion for training.

Thanks for all the support and encouragement. These are tough times for small business owners, I feel so fortunate to have so many believe in me and what S3 Athletics stands for.

  • Josh Tackett

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