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What’s CrossFit??

You might have heard of CrossFit before, maybe even you think you have an idea of what may go on at CrossFit gyms. I cannot speak for what goes on at other gyms, so let me explain how CrossFit Strode Station operates.

We center our program around the squat, deadlift and press variations. Our principles are deep rooted in Strength & Conditioning philosophies. We lift heavy, which is relative to each person, sprint, jump and carry heavy objects. We condition our adults and kids with a heavy dose of Kettlebell work, body weight movements and sled work. Our goal is to build a large of base of fitness also known as general physical preparedness (GPP). We prescribe a heavy load of accessory work to develop our weaknesses. Our gym does not live and die by the clock on the wall pushing speed over function.

In our adult classes we train 2-3 days a week, which essentially means we’re going to hit a lift, some accessory work coupled with short hard conditioning. We like 7-12 mins of all out effort. One day a week we test our fitness in some fashion to gauge progress, push outside of comfort zone and track results to retest at a future date. The other days we focus on active recovery and skill based training. We look at fitness as a life long endeavor.

With our youth athletes our approach is a little different but the principles are the same. We do not believe in sport specific training. Sport specific skills are learned on the court or the field not in weight room or gym. A lot of what we do with kids is centered around work. Kids today lack GPP do to the evolution of our culture, lack of outside play, and overall, kids do a lot less manual labor. Heavy carries, sled pulls and body weight movements are a staple with our athletes. We want to build strong stable athletes who can hold good position under the stresses of their given sport. We stress position, proprioception and development of proper movement patterns.

We hear a lot of misinformation about what we do or what CrossFit is. The nature of CrossFit is it is all encompassing and can be whatever it is you want it to be. This is what it means at CFSS.



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