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What to expect at S3 Athletics

We had a question come in the other day so I thought I would take this time to break down the answer in detail. How do you program for your CrossFit classes?

We take a different approach then most. While CrossFit itself is defined as Constantly varied movement perfromed at high intensity. That definition might not best define what we do. We vary our movement as well as vary our intensity.

Our weeks of programming follow a formula

Mondays. - Max Effort Lower / Repetition Lower We will do a lower body lift, 2 accessory movements. Short High intensity workout. Hamstring or glute finisher

Tuesday - Upper Body Repetition movement / Dynamic Movement, Accessories geared towards upper back and triceps. Conditioning is going to be longer 12-20 min range

Wednesday - GPP Day Skill focus generally on gymnastic progressions or Olympic lift

Conditioning 20-30 mins moderate intensity training aerobic capacity.


Dynamic Lower Body - Light weights for volume

Box jumps. Lower body focused conditioning


Upper body lift

2-3 accessories upper back and shoulders

Moderate to high intensity metabolic conditioning


Team Workouts

Usually Interval training at a moderate intensity in the 20-30 range

capped off with functional body building or recovery work

Sundays OFF

Random Programs get random results. We have experimented with several different programming models in our time and found this to be the most effective for continual results, low burnout rate as well as being fun, an engaging to our members. A knock on group classes are the lack of person centered programming. We have found within this structure we can meet the needs of all of our memebers.

Ready for something different? Need direction? Lack motivation? Give us a call

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