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Whole 30 Day 1

Whole 30 day 1

Today, begins the start of my 6th attempt at the Whole 30 Challenge. I have tried this 5, times with one successful completion. When I was done I felt amazing and thought I’m gonna keep this up forever. ( Haven’t we all said that when we are eating clean?)

Two weeks ago, I hit my breaking point. I felt gross, sluggish, no motivation to workout and any other excuse you will let me use. Yes, I own a gym my struggles are no different than anyone else’s.

Two and 1/2 weeks ago my wife and I were blessed to bring newborn twins into the world. They have been such a blessing to our family but not so much to my fitness.

We have been under slept and over caffeinated for two weeks. My workout time has dramatically decreased. I want to be there with my family and the business continues to grow rapidly which is more and more time consuming. So something has to give and that is my 60 -75 mins 6 days a week I spend training.

I am going to chronicle my experience of ups and downs through this challenge. I struggle with food like everyone else. I love Diet Coke, French Fries, a few beers as much as the next person. Over the course of the pregnancy I have gotten away from meal prepping and eating my macros. I have been eating a ton of fast food and I can tell.

My Goal along with completing the whole 30 challenge is to work more towards balance, which if you know me well I am terrible at. I have always been an all in kind of person. I want to be smart about my time. Plan my day, keep training, continue to work on building the business, butttttt I need to work toward being more engaged with my family when I am home.

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