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Why did I start CrossFit 

Why did I start CrossFit

I was 26 at the time, a few years removed from college but still very much involved in the college lifestyle. I was still living in Huntington, where I went to college so I had not quite given up the late nights, take out food and no sleep. To I say I was burning the candle at both ends would be an understatement.

I was very unfulfilled with my life, living for the weekends, spending half of my week trying to recover from my weekend. I was going to the gym, maybe hit some bench or a spin class every now and then but I was just going through the motions in all aspects of my life.

Someone told me about CrossFit so I went straight to YouTube and decided I was going to try this out. There wasn’t a gym in are area after some research I found out there was one opening in a couple weeks. I was pumped, I remember I didn’t tell Candice much about it just I was going to this new place to workout and asked did she want to come with me.

We pull up this old warehouse that looks like it could have maybe been condemned. She started to freak out like what is this place and what are we going to do here.

I finished my first workout rolling on the ground dying and was instantly hooked. I signed up and paid after my first session.

I was looking for more from my life and CrossFit provided that. It gave me friends, new activities, positive influences in my life. No longer did I spend all my spare time in bars. I was going on all kinds of adventures. The fitness and friends I gained through CrossFit opened my world up to endless opportunities. I have never looked back


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