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Why is CFSS so expensive? 

We get asked why is our gym so expensive? Our gym membership is $125 per month. Our average member attends 16 sessions per month or 4 sessions a week. That’s $8 per class. Let’s say go ahead play devils advocate and say we only see you 12 sessions per month. That puts each class at $10 dollars per class.

Our programming is not some random thrown together exercises each morning. Each session is part of a 4 week training wave that’s part of a bigger quarterly and yearly training cycle. This could be way more than you want to know but it just goes to show the amount of time and energy put into a well thought out developed training program.

In fitness consistency is key. We need to see you. Training is a two way street it requires you to be dedicated to the process too. Our price ensures for the most part if you are paying for our services we will see you. Results require sacrifice and no magic pill or shake is going to give you the long term lasting lifestyle changes necessary for health.

Practice strategies benefit our membership. Its a field we love and have a complete passion for. So when you train at our facility you are getting top level coaching and information in regards to your health. Not trying to

Create a sales pitch for our facility. The results we have attained in 2 years speak for themselves, just simply offering some perspective. -Josh

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