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Why it is important to compete

Competition is part of life.  People win or lose everyday… Competition breeds success because it forces  us to be better.  Compete against yourself, compete against old times, against weights that were unmovable at one time.

We want our gym to be a place where hard work is the expectation and not the exception.  With the help of our great members we our creating a culture were extraordinary things happen on a daily basis.  It is normal for people to push the walls of your comfort zone while you redefine your personal limits.

I encourage everyone to find some type of event this year to commit to doing.  Over the next month.  We have 12 members running a 24 hour trail relay race.  Another 9 competing in the festivus functional fitness competition at CrossFit Rich City.

Our very own Maggie Tincher is hosting a race April 17th at 2pm

June 18th-Strode Station Showdown

September 10th is the Rugged Red 1/2 trail marathon-  We already have 5 members signed up and I hope we get at least 5 more.

If there is something you want to do and do not know how to train… See a coach we will help you.

Training is not easy.  It requires hard work, accountability, sacrifice and patience.  In the end you will be better for it in every aspect of life.

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