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Word of advice

  1. Supplements and starving yourself are not sustainable

  2. To be successful long term your health requires lifestyle changes not short term fixes.

  3. Diets that you cannot maintain as a way of life will only cause your weight to yo-yo which can be worse for you than just being over weight

  4. Everyone should lift weights

  5. Limit cheats to one meal not days of all out binging

  6. Be active on your days not at the gym

  7. Enjoy the process

  8. Sleep- if your training hard your body has to recover

  9. Challenge yourself find things to do to get out of your comfort zone it will only help you grow as a person.

  10. Track everything (sleep, food, workouts )

  11. Do not be afraid to compete

  12. Quit putting others health before your own

  13. HAVE FUN!!!!

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